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[Help] 7 mono WAV files to 6.1
(2021-01-09, 11:58 PM)Chewtobacca Wrote: No, there's no free way.  You have to use the encoding suite.

And I suspect same goes for Dolby TrueHD?
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(2021-01-10, 12:40 PM)allldu Wrote: And I suspect same goes for Dolby TrueHD?

I'm afraid so.

EDIT: The issue isn't simply that PCM is raw and therefore cannot have a ".1" channel. (If that were so, then all six-track PCM would be treated as 6.0, and all eight-track PCM would be treated as 8.0, which is not the case.) Rather, the issue is also about the assumption made about PCM streams by hardware, etc. Six-track and eight-track streams are correctly assumed to be 5.1 and 7.1 respectively because those are the default/"only" channel configurations, but seven-track audio has two valid channel configurations (6.1 and 7.0), which is what causes the confusion, hence the modification made to eac3to's default behavior when converting 6.1 to PCM for BD.
Thanks given by: allldu

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