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[proposal] Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Regrade
Splitting of the conversation from this thread:

This thread is looking at the possibility of a regrade of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Among the many problems the picture has, Stamper points out blown out whites (losing the blue skies) and excessive DNR, particular in this scene:

more examples here:

also the credits have telecine wobble or gate weave.
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Damn, and I thought this was the only one that was halfway decent!

Do we have to really fix all three??

Of course we do! Wink
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
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(2015-06-17, 09:06 AM)captainsolo Wrote: Damn, and I thought this was the only one that was halfway decent!

Do we have to really fix all three??

Of course we do! Wink

That should not surprise you, not one bit Smile
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I hope there is a way of combining the HD version with the Pal DVD -- if they are the same original master.
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What's about a 35mm scan? Wink
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(2015-06-18, 05:12 PM)spoRv Wrote: What's about a 35mm scan? Wink

Would love to get this movie scanned. Find me a print and I'll get it done Wink
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Print found...
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Seriously? How much?
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Seriously! When I'm joking I always add a Wink at the end!
200 € for the moment, maybe less if bought along other titles... stay tuned!
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Rock N' Roll. That's awesome! I wait with bated breath.

I think we can put this thread into a holding pattern for now. Big Grin
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