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[proposal] Mad Max Regrade
I think a regrade would be better because the regular Blu-ray master offers more picture on all four sides, and more detail.
But you could go the alternate route, and composite the WOWOW 1080p with the instances where there are jap subs replaced by shots from the Blu-ray master, color graded to match.

Just make sure then the soundtracks all line up (and remember to correct the australian track with the correct dialogue at the end)
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The HDTV is uploaded on MEGA.

Maybe I'm wrong but it's practically sure that my file is not the original release of the file. The release has probably been downgraded to an 7,61 go file (10.7 Mbps) to fit on a DVD9.

So I think too that a regrade of the Blu-ray is the best option, but it's up to you PDB.
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4K / WEB (2160p) 24.21 GiB  32.3 Mb/s
Screenshots from net:

So when it get release on BD we will get same colors...
and why australia don't have interest to make it Proper, it's their best film ever made? Shocked
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