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SAVING PRIVATE RYAN (1998) - 2 Questions

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First of all...

Wikipedia (Saving Private Ryan):

Distributed by

DreamWorks Pictures (North America)
Paramount Pictures (International)

After Spielberg signed on to direct the film, Paramount and DreamWorks, who agreed to finance and produce the film together with Amblin Entertainment and Mutual Film Company, both made a distribution deal where DreamWorks would take over the film's domestic distribution while Paramount would release the film internationally. In exchange for distribution rights for Saving Private Ryan, Paramount would retain domestic distribution rights to Deep Impact, while DreamWorks would acquire international distribution.

Wikipedia (Deep Impact):

Distributed by

Paramount Pictures (North America)
DreamWorks Pictures (through United International Pictures) (International)

But, what can we see in the blu-ray releases? This order:

Deep Impact - Paramount logo-Dreamworks logo - RIGHT
Saving Private Ryan - Paramount logo-Dreamworks logo - WRONG?

Why? Ok, what about other Dreamworks-Paramount movies?:

Imdb (Michael Mann's Collateral):

There is no sound during the opening DreamWorks logo sequence but the sound of a jet landing are heard during the Paramount logo sequence. In the non-US versions, the studio logos order is reversed, so there is no sound on Paramount's and a jet landing is heard over Dreamworks'.

Like Collateral, I suppose the order must be Dreamworks logo-Paramount logo (for the US prints) and Paramount logo-Dreamworks logo (for the International prints). The US Collateral Blu-ray is ok, but what happens with Saving Private Ryan?

First Question - The UK Blu-ray release shows a runtime of 2:49:28 (with the wrong logo order, I suppose International version) Is there no blu-ray release of the US version?

Second Question - Are there any further differences between the US and international versions? There are some differences between the theatrical version and the DVD version. Perhaps the US theatrical version was also not released on Blu-ray.


Differences between theatrical version vs. DVD

• on the beach in Normandy Tom Hanks orders his men to take out the sniper that has them pinned down. Soldier after soldier die as they go around the corner while they have covering fire. There is a scene that was cut where he is telling a soldier (after soldier baulks) that they will both go out together. Tom counts down and fakes going out and the other soldier goes out and is gunned down.
• Scene where they let the two German soldiers walk away - DVD version does not show them shot in the back as they are down the road.

A 35 mm. print of the US theatrical version can shed light on these issues.

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