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fanres.com domain is seven years old!

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Incredible... it seems yesterday when I decided to register this domain, having in mind to use it for "something" related to fan restorations... and look at what we have today: a full-fledged forum full of great people and great projects!

Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Yep your baby is really grown spoRv. I also want say thanks to the great members here.
Lucky Number 7!
Even though I haven't been a user as long as some of y'all, I'm glad I could be a part of this community.
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Happy birthday FanRes.
Holy... seven years already? Time flies by...
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Tanti auguri a te!

Thanks a ton for making this website. Everyone always comes for something and stays for something else, I find.
Congratulations spoRv!!!

Fantastic intitiative that turned into a reference and great forum!
Such a success! Congratulations spoRv. Fanres.com is heaven for people who truly love movies.
I came here knowing next to nothing about editing; know I’m capturing & syncing LD’s, have done same basic colour correction and become comfortable with loads of useful editing tools. And all that’s thanks to various members on here - long live Fanres!

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