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Long time lurker of this forum. Long time member of originaltrilogy.com. The TR47 laserdisc captures of pre-SE Star Wars movies over 15(20?!)
years ago is what introduced me to fan-restorations and such. The art of recreating and/or preserving a piece of movie history that is not commercially
available on currect formats, that is movie magic to me!

Have started a few projects of my own over the years, while having finished even fewer..

*Dragon Fist, synced uncut english mono track to the HKL dvd (Obsolete since 88 released their BD)

*Operation Condor, recreation of the HK-cut in HD with english dub based on the japanese print (rendered obsolete by 88 films release) 

*Armour of God, uncut with english dub based on Miramax BD paired with Mediumrare BD (paused due to HKR releasing their version before I finished mine)

*Wheels on Meals, synced the old english dub to the old HKL dvd (obsolete since Eureka released their bluray. Starting to see a pattern..? Tongue)

*Police Story 2, recreation of the shorter HK-cut with english hybrid dub track and color corrected to match theatrical print (harddrive failed, starting over from scratch... Sad )

*Drunken Master, color correction to remove green tint (slowly getting there..)

*Snake in eagles shadow, synced the english dub with alt. music to japan HD print (I believe the german BD has it, and 88s' release is coming, so obsolete again. But it's a good thing! )

Also donated a few bucks to the 35mm TGTBTU project a couple of years ago.

Among my favourite fan-res projects are the color-corrected Fellowship of the Ring - Extended, Terminator 1 with mono audio, various Star Wars projects and most things related to Hongkong-cinema.

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Welcome, always nice to have someone working on some HK movies.
Welcome aboard!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
Thanks guys!
Sounds like we'll get along just fine, hahah.

I very briefly tinkered with SITES a while back but got distracted with about 20 other things and never completed it.

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