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I am new to this forum. I tried to introduce myself over at OT, but nobody responded. I am very interested in fan edits of movies, especially Star Wars.

I am intrigued by film preservation including 8mm copies. This seems to be a closed community with invites to places like my spleen, or the AMPS society that is invitation only. It seems this site is a little smaller and less intimidating.

Anyway cheers.
On behalf on the community, "Welcome to fanres!" Big Grin

Does your interest in fanedits pertain to watching other people's work or creating your own?
Thank you.
I enjoy both. I am cautiously concerned about downloading too many films even if I own the blu ray, and am not sure about the legality of all of that. I have never done any edits, but have authored some DVDs for home movies in the past, and done some simple editing. I would be interested in doing a small scale edit. I don't know where to start, and maybe should start with an old movie trailer of some sorts. I would like to eventually be able to convert an old 8mm to digital.

Any ideas on how to get started?
When it comes to the "legality" of downloading a film that you already own on bluray... it "could" be considered that downloaded copy is just a backup of your disc... protect yourself using peerblock and you should be fineWink

When it comes to fanedits, I am working on some myself (and have in the past as well) but I can't be of much use to you here because I use paid-software to do it and am not sure which free software would work best for this kind of editing. There are a couple of other "options" but I won't hazard posting them here (would probably be violating some rules, LOL) but I'm happy to have the convo with you using the PM system so if you want, hit me up thereWink

edit: I'm on the West Coast in the US, and will be around computer to answer relatively quickly.
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lipscgr, welcome! We are a little friendly community, I'm sure you'll be happy to be part of it!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Thanks SpoRv.
Where did you post over at OT? We really don't a dedicated section over there for new people to introduce themselves, so it's easy for a new member to get lost. I'm a moderator over there, by the way.
I posted in Team Negative-1's thread on the 35mm star wars release. It is no big deal. I just thought I might come over here for a while in a smaller environment.

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