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Did you like District 9? And Elysium? Robots in general? So, wait no further, go to see this movie!

The director knows the style - even if, I must admit, follows the same rules of previous films, but it worked for the others, and worked here, too! Story is great, acting too, the only thing that let me say "mmh" is the big Moose robot, that recalls clearly ED-209 from the original Robocop - anyone said that! But, apart this little "accident" (probably just an homage the director wanted to make to THE police+android movie) the film is great... really!
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Tired to watch this last night, couldn't get past Die Antwoord. Loved district 9 and hated Elysium but love the robot stuff....going to try again this weekend.
It's not a District 9 but not bad either. The charterers are some of the strangest, that and some of the worst hair styles i have ever seen. I had a hard time understanding accents, and a robot with one is not always easy listening to.

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