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Zack Snyder's Justice League - Regrade

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Have been doing some experiments with tonemapping and all sorts of stuff. Came up with something that I think works pretty well and I think I'll render out Justice League with it.

A little teaser:

Official SDR:
[Image: fv3I2Bey_t.png]
My tonemap from the HDR:
[Image: 0Jw5THgv_t.png]

It combines a few ideas I've had. One about removing green cast via a (possibly?) scientifically reasonably accurate method by shifting the white point in a cone-based color space and also an idea I've been working on in getting a little bit of a "film look" out of digital footage, which should mostly only slightly affect how the colors are rendered etc. Creates a bit of a "smooth" image feel imo.
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Here's a shot that comes out particularly well imo:
[Image: nY9wpOF3_t.png]
Wow. That one sample alone with Cavill looks so much better. So much less sickly.
yep, looks nice: https://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/12258
Nice work, man.
Uploading now.

[Image: G9mQb4NR_o.jpg]

I dub it the 50D Degreengrade. 50D because one of the color conversions I did was based on Kodak 50D spectrum sensitivity data. Degreengrade should be self-explanatory,heh.

Edit: The pictures in this sheet likely appear a little bit brighter/lower contrast than they should. This grade is exported for the "Rec709 Reference Monitor" at Gamma 2.4. So the "correct" way to view it is at Gamma 2.4. For example, in MPC-HC, activate Color Management in the right-click menu and set "Ambient Light" to "Dark (2.4 Gamma)".
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That looks lovely!
Absolutely stunning, I love it!
Very interesting colors turned out, can I get it? Thank!
In the famous (?) words of someone who may have uttered them as his last: Well that sucks.

Seems like I made at least two pretty silly mistakes in my "green removal" approach. So what I thought was "reasonably scientifically accurate" is actually some kind of weird nonsense, haha.

It still looks interesting so I'll release it but I'll be working on a V2 where it's done properly.
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