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[Help] Tools for syncing subtitles to video
What's the best way to create and sync SRT subtitles to video?

I usually use Subtitle Workshop or SubtitleEdit to make minor corrections, small delays and FPS conversions etc.

They both support video playback with the subtitles however the experience is pretty awful. The video sync is not exact and I found playing back the sub in a media player it is off by as much as a second. I would then have apply a delay to compensate. On top of that, seeking through the video is unreliable and doesn't playback at the point I want it to and I have to constantly adjust.

Is this kind task normally done in a pro video editor? Unfortunately my laptop isn't very good and doesn't have much space on the primary HDD, so something like Davinci Resolve is out of the question.
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(2021-03-26, 09:05 PM)ac3 Wrote: Play in vlc
Adjust subtile in vlc (one of the g to l keys)
Enter the the ms in mkvtoolnix for the srt
Then save as a new file.

Yeah. Kinda what I do to apply global delay. But I want to create subtitles from scratch or adjust individual parts. I guess I could save the srt and keep reloading the video in VLC (or whatever player). But would prefer a smoother workflow though.
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The answer lies in 3 letters: VSS, which stands for Visual Sub Sync. It's free and I've been using it for like 15 years since my fansubbing days. Now it's my real job and I'm using pro softwares, and yet for my personal stuff, I go back to VSS to work on SRT.
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Thanks Beber! Looks similar to Subtitle Workshop but hopefully this one works better for me.
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Have you tried ALASS?
It looks pretty useful, but I haven't gotten around to figuring it out yet.

Edit: this program is for syncing to audio, but still might come in handy.
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