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[in progress] Zack Snyder's Justice League - Reframed

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Ok, so there's another ZSJL project, I am workin' on it for a few days.

As a widescreen lover I wasn't initally all that happy with Snyder's vision in which the movie was presented in 4:3. After two viewings I can say it's not that bad and surely more interesting than standard 1.78:1 presentation of theatrical cut. But that doesn't change the fact I'd like to be able watch that movie in AR matching previous films (just as was the case with first Avengers). So I started working on reframing whole thing to theatrical 2.35:1 (or something close to it) aspect ratio which of course means we see about a half of the picture. But, that is the important part of the picture and after watching some scenes in that form I'm quite certain I will watch that more often than Snyder's preferred 1.33:1 version.

As the addition, I've tweaked colors a little bit (a little less green, a little more red) and if the 5.1 audio tracks allow it, I'm thinking about a little bit of re-scoring as I didnt really like Junkie XL' music. But even if I'll do that, it would be only an optional bonus track.  Also, there will be some cuts to few pointless scenes -  everything after shirt rip scene, and "certain Martha scene", as I think those do not really belong in that movie.
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To be honest doesn't look bad at all.
Aye, having not watched it through, from the screenshots shown, it looks like the framing is actually an improvement. A lot (though certainly not all) of the Snyder cut looks wrong in 4:3 imo, regardless of how I might feel about any other aspect of it. Colours look decent as well!
I can't wait to check this version out when it's finished
I've just thought I've lost my whole progress (about 30%) today's morning when my computer suddenly seemed to be dead.
Then, it looked like computer was fine, but my harddrive (with the whole work) was dead, and finally it turned out that only the connection between the drive and computer was messed up somehow. Whew... I've just done a backup copy on external drive and will continue to work on it soon Smile
This certainly looks interesting. A thought I've just had, what if you were to use a 2.20:1 aspect ratio for this? Since that is standard 70mm ratio, which would be conceptually similar to Snyder's "IMAX" reasoning behind the 1.33:1 ratio (despite full IMAX being 1.43:1), as well as allowing slightly more vertical breathing room for the reframing while still retaining the "scope" look of the previous films.

This isn't really a suggestion or anything, just something I was thinking about while looking at your example frames, which look quite good as they are. Though I do find it strange that you're cropping to a ~2.45:1 ratio rather than 2.35:1 or 2.40:1.
Finest kind.
Well, if that's the case, that must have been some error I've made at the very beginning Undecided
Now, it's almost impossible to correct it without re-doing everything from scratch.
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Wow - this is amazing. I'm not alone with thought that not comfortable to watch a movie with 1.33: 1 aspect.
When do you think you're finished that project, and we can see this 2.35:1 version?
It's about 30% complete, but my computer died after all (hard drive should be alive though and I've made backup copy of what I've done already). I'm in the middle of replacing my equipment, then I need some time to install everything back before I can get back to work.

I've abandoned my re-coloring, and changed source to SDR, not sure if it is overall better, but there were some ugly artifacts on previous version.
Chapter 4 re-framing finished, doin' some fixes on prologue and chapter 1. New computer allows everything to go much faster.
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