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Godzilla vs Kong (2021)

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Well... didn't expect a Pacific Rim universe merged with the MonsterVerse, but it happened in this flick.

Expectations were high, and weren't fullfilled completely, so: "not that bad"? "nice"? "meh"?
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I got to see it in theaters

fun time
i liked it very much. the pace was good, humans only to advance the plot to monster brawls (in my humble opinion that’s what the previous two movies lacked - godzilla 2014 and king of monsters), great brawls even if they could’ve been longer. The only real problem i have with the movie is the stupid „let pour some fluid over the electronics and godzilla/kong will win“, the whole plot for these 3.
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Honestly probably one of the small handful of movies I've seen that has managed to be so incredibly dumb and nonsensical that it actually made me angry. And don't pull that card saying you came for the brawls, because yes I did, but so much of the runtime is dedicated towards the plot that it kind of forced me to care about it (and nearly every single scene had some gaping plothole that it really sets a low-bar for terrible writing); Didn't help that I ended up hating nearly every character that was introduced. Easily the worst entry in the Monsterverse and I'd rather go back to King Of The Monsters or something to wash the taste out.
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Well ... it's better than the past movies at least. They learned their lesson a little bit and dialed down the human drama. Not enough for my taste, but okay.

All in all it just feels like on overly long video game cutscene.

The ending is utterly unsatisfying. The movie wanted me to cheer for Mecha Godzilla to be destroyed, but it makes no sense really. They should have just let Mecha Godzilla destroy Kong and Godzilla so that humanity can finally have peace of those creatures. In my book the villains were actually the only people with brains. Dumb. Oh well. What am I expecting from a movie made for children in which children play the lead characters...

Edit: Btw, anyone else think "And I am all the monsters" during this scene?
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On the note of MechaGodzilla, I thought they kind of did it dirty to be honest. Although it made for a nice surprise, the design was easily the worst out of all the iterations: It just looks hilariously blocky and lo-fi that it kind of reminded me of MechaGodzilla 2 but underwhelming and low-key looked more like a Transformer more than anything else.

Wish they took more notes off of the Kiryu design from the Millenium era (though they did end up pretty much plucking several plot points from that saga, such as the idea of the skeleton bio-engineering—though with Pacific Rim piloting—and it going beserk.) or even the alien MechaGodzilla from the 70s.

On that note, it does make me want to watch Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla as well as Tokyo S.O.S. again sometime. It's been a while since I saw those and I have fond childhood memories of them, and I'm sure even if they didn't age as well as I remembered them, I doubt they'd give me a mild aneurysm.
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(2021-04-05, 03:41 AM)TomArrow Wrote: Edit: Btw, anyone else think "And I am all the monsters" during this scene?
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since it's an axe, I was more inclined to be reminded of Thor tossing Stormbreaker at stupidthanos

when I think of the dumb "I am all the jedi" scene, I think this:

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I did enjoy it for what it was and while I am "TeamKong", the fights was ok. The prequel comics did detail some of the backstory which explained some questions I had. 

My only major complaint was the subplot with the kids, it seemed like it was only there for exposition. However, it didn't annoy me or anything, so I could take the lazy writing.

Now if only Legendary would release blueprints to the Argo, the underseas base, a map of the hollow earth, I would be ecstatic. 

Can't wait for the next one.
This was my favorite MonsterVerse entry, it was so fun to watch, made me feel like a little kid smashing action figures together. I'm a big fan of Adam Wingard's movies and his sense of humor, so that probably played a role. Especially Kong's second health bar scene, it was so perfect. Tonally, it was very similar to some of the early 1970s Showa-Era Godzilla movies, where they have Godzilla doing the "up yours" sign and doing victory dances.

It definitely wasn't a perfect movie though. The Millie Bobby Brown scenes were almost entirely skippable, I've got no clue why that whole subplot was in the movie other than finding something for her to do so they could put her name on the poster.
the MBB subplot brings some additional continuity from KOTM while also making sure that there's SOMEONE amongst the humans that are on Godzilla's side (since the movie is generally very pro-Kong)

It also allows her to be an audience identification character that we can experience the discovery of the tunnel system to Hong Kong where MechaGodzilla is

and also to put her name on the poster

Doesn't necessarily mean it's automatically good or compelling.  But it does serve some function beyond just giving MBB something to do.
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