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[In progress] Zack Snyder's Justice League Ultimate Edition

(I've posted this into an improper subforum so I am going to make right one this time, sorry -> new info at the end of this post)

new member here which already helped a little bit with one project of member LucasGodzilla.
I hope you will welcome me with open arms: )


I guess you've already heard about Zack Snyder's Justice League.
I was fighting for the project from the beginning but I was very surprised how it panned out.
Zack Snyder originally worked with Chris Terrio on a more serious and darker movie. The original one was unfortunately scrapped and 30% of original screenplay was rewrote and some never went to production. Zack Snyder said that this cut is the closest thing of what we could have get but it is still a "new thing" (this version is totally new edit from an assembly cut) and this cut on HBO Max is already lighthearted by the WarnerBros. and Geoff Johns who intervened and revisioned the screenplay that went to production (unfortunately). 
I thought that when Zack was fighting for his original vision it was more on par with Man of Steel and Batman v Superman which were - in my opinion - mature movies.
Long story short I've took grey edition, edited the Tunnel Battle Scene and called it Ultimate Edition. Please keep in mind that this is just a rough preview with minor tweaks.

This particular scene:
- new framing and lot of edits
- better pacing: cut out extension scenes (some of them might be repurposed); cut out corny lines
- Alfred's assuming control of the Nightcrawler will be probably addressed before action sequence
- intention of the new edit is to set more serious tone, evoke exhausting fight scene which makes an impression of a scarier opponent in Steppenwolf
- rest of the film will be edited in similar spirit: more serious in line with Man of Steel and Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition

Zack Snyder's Justice League Ultimate Edition
Tunnel Battle Scene

I will also cut unnecessary expositions like the one with Wonder Woman in London which - in my opinion - doesn't make sense.
Gonna fix some illogical issues like the scene where Clark meets Alfred. In the HBO Max version Clark lands very fast close to Alfred and makes a noise which Alfred should register.

Here is the scene

But in the original version Clark lands gently that is why Alfred register Clark only when he's closer to him.

You can see the original version here

I will probably repurpose deleted scenes from Blu-Ray and I might use some shots from Whedon version too If necessary (only Snyder's shots). That is why I've decided to do only grey/b&w version. But it is also of an inconsistent color grading in HBO Max version. Can't show you proof but there are two scenes I've encountered that shows it. When Batman is on daylight during Clark's resurrection. In some shots he's got grey tones on his suit in others there are blueish. In the same sequence the grass behind Lois is sometimes greener and sometimes greyish. 

Hope you like it.
Questions and opinions are welcome: )

-------------------------new info-----------------------------

So I've decided to make both color and black&white versions. First will be without new framing and after editing process and minor tweaks I will do the reframing.
Since I am going for a few VFX changes I might repair the color grading too. The VFX changes going to be a surprise. Just a three minor tweaks with a little bit help of editing scissors. I am willing to spend some money on it but we'll see ... green; )

I have put together first 49 minutes with minor sound tweaks and few edit tricks. 
I would like to show you rough cut without major narrative line - space soap opera (DeSaad, deeper Steppenwolf motivation and history lesson).
As I've said before this new cut is aiming for a more dramatical movie as we've seen in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman.
Steppenwolf will be more sinister (without corny lines). The viewer will be focused more on main protagonists and their inner struggles.
When I upload it somewhere I will post it ...
Thanks given by:
Here it is. Please keep in mind that even with some sound/video edit tweaks it is work in progress but it should give you the "picture".

Diana read everything from mural and told Bruce necessary info - conquerers/things from another universe/they serve dark power. No other exposition - in my opinion - is necessary before Darkseid's arrival which will be subtle at the end anyway. Steppenwolf's part in the narrative will be subtle as well.

49 minutes; not HQ but download it for better quality ->
Still in 4:3, If the picture is with horizontal letterbox crop it in VLC to 16:10.

P.S.: Right now I am aiming for a runtime 3 hours and 8 minutes (give or take) without subtitles.
Thanks given by:

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