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Man of Steel - Resaturated

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While working on my version of Zack Snyder's Justice League, I thought I'd give the same treatment to Man of Steel.

Here's my current version (original on top, my version below):
[Image: comparison-v0-2005811.png] [Image: comparison-v0-2017809.png] [Image: comparison-v0-2024223.png] [Image: comparison-v0-2043239.png]

[Image: comparison-v0-2046635.png] [Image: comparison-v0-2050333.png] [Image: comparison-v0-2068519.png] [Image: comparison-v0-2072926.png]

[Image: comparison-v0-2073024.png] [Image: comparison-v0-2073108.png] [Image: comparison-v0-2074109.png] [Image: comparison-v0-2075252.png]

[Image: comparison-v0-2077046.png] [Image: comparison-v0-2101646.png] [Image: comparison-v0-2149503.png] [Image: comparison-v0-2187722.png]
Nice!...but my thought is be mindful of pink/red/purple cast. Some of those look like they need backing away from red range. Like where they're walking away from the helicopters, the sunlit snow looks too pink; and a number of the skies seem a tad on the purple side (Superman looking at the mountains). But maybe it's just me. Smile

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