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Sliver (1993) 35mm Trailer scanning - Needs funding | UPDATE

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The trailer for Sliver has never been released on LD/DVD/BD. A copy from a VHS made it's way on the internet a long time ago and the quality is pretty bad. So using that as source for trailer reconstruction was out of the question. BUT I've found a 35mm copy of trailer a while ago and now it lies just around. So here I'm asking who can help to get this trailer scanned. This includes helping with shipping cost and of course someone willing to scan it.

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I noted that, according to LDDB, French, German and Italian PAL LDs have an AR of 2.10:1... I wonder if they are open matte or simply cropped at the sides...
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I have to say, I've never heard of this film! I'll contact you in private regarding the scan etc so you could set a price that you want to raise in order to cover for scan and shipping.

Scanning is now on it‘s way. Dr.Cooper has jumped in to take care of business.
The trailer was shipped today. Might take a few weeks until we get results Wink
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