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Saying Hi

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Hi guys!

Total newbie here with 0 experience with fanedits.

I watched the new "Royal Ocean Film Society" video about fanedits on Youtube and got intrigued.
Then I wondered whether there are any Sam Peckinpah fanedits. He is one of my favorite directors and most of his films have been released in a version that he disapproved of, so I got really curious about Peckinpah cuts. Turns out there is a fanedit of Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid by LeoneNut, which sounds perfect because it's one of my favorite movies. So, I found this place because now I'm obsessed with with the idea of the Preview version and the 2005 one having been fused, since they both have advantages over the other.

Ngl, when I saw some people on this forum fairly recently post about the LeoneNut cut, I got really enthusiastic and signed up just to ask where I can find it (I have no idea what the "organ tracker" refers to). But having read the rules and some posts on here, I saw that doesn't seem to be well appreciated newbie behavior, but it's how I ended up here. So that's why I'm introducing myself and trying to figure out how somebody completely new to this can get involved.

Are there any recommended threads for total newcomers? Because now I'm wondering whether "The Killer Elite" could be saved by taking some of the goofiness out, but I'm getting way ahead of myself.
Welcome aboard!

No recommended threads for newbies, just hang around for a while Wink

P.S. worry not about the so-called "organ tracker"... sadly no invites released since years, so...
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So I get that asking for copyrighted material is a no-no, and I don't wanna cross any lines, but I'm curious, copyrighted material seems to be at the heart of fan-editing, sort of by definition, so if the material isn't made easily available, what is it like to be part of this scene? Do people just make these cuts for their own personal enjoyment and exchange useful tips and tricks? Or do people like to be part of an elite club that has access to most of the stuff (I assume that's the point of the organ tracker?), but you can only get in if you can get past some rigorous gatekeeping? Or am I way off here?
Well, "it depends"... Big Grin

Some are just making project for their own pleasure, disclosing only the "making of" or discussing about technical procedures; others share their projects only with friends; others publish them "on the wild".

Hint: you can have quite good chances to get in the (your words) "elite club" just partecipating in the forum - you do not need to start your own projects, even if I must admit often it helps. It could take some time though, so if you want to have access to any project found here right now, it's not the case. If, at the contrary, you are curious to know what happens "behind the scenes", to understand techniques, share ideas etc. this is the right way. Wink
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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i'm definitely planning to stick around, I already saw some pretty interesting threads.
That's great! Ok
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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