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Nighthawks (1981)
Nighthawks the Stallone action thriller from 1981 with Billy Dee Williams and Rutger Hauer has always been a film of interest for me. Not only due to what the movie was released as, but also with what ended up on the cutting room floor. Once again we will be taking this info with a grain of saltĀ (or a whole fucking shaker, if necessary) considering where the info is coming from.

Anyhow, supposedly there are quite a few different cuts available world wide on VHS. Anyone have access to any of these alt VHS versions that just might hold deleted scenes? There supposedly is also a Japanese LaserDisc that may or may not hold a much different cut than what was available in the US. Anyone happen to have it or actually know if it is indeed different? I just would like to put to rest the rumors that have been making their rounds concerning this film. On the other hand if there is validity to this it would be very nice to be able to save these deleted scenes.
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Back of the Japanese LD release lists the running time as 99 min, which is the same as all other releases. It is possible that for some odd reason the running time came out to be the same, even with an alt cut, but who knows for sure. Have a feeling that this is another case of somebody running their mouth off just because they can and there is no real differences between any of the releases.
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