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What does Dolby SR (Mono) mean?

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According to imdb on Woody Allen's Husbands and Wives 1986:

Sound Mix: Dolby SR (Mono)

We can see this logo at the end of the movie:

[Image: 9b08e9b342.jpg]

So, is Dolby SR (Mono) 4 channels or 1 channel?
I have no idea but my guess would be: Mono, but with Dolby SR noise reduction.
(2021-05-12, 08:40 PM)TomArrow Wrote: I have no idea but my guess would be: Mono, but with Dolby SR noise reduction.

Yep, even though it would have a Dolby logo (sometimes stating stereo) it doesn't always mean it's true stereo. Dolby SR (spectral recording, NOT STEREO) on mono tracks was a thing since the early 70s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolby_SR

To make things even more confusing, when Dolby Stereo started to become more widespread they updated the Dolby branding logos, but strangely combined the Spectral Recording logo branding into the Dolby Stereo one.
Dolby Type-A was the original noise reduction process on matrixed SVA Dolby Stereo prints and 70mm magnetic 6-track, SR noise reduction came much later (Robocop and Innerspace were among the earliest SR releases). When AC-3 digital sound was introduced there was an initial period where a film could conceivably be released as either A-Type, SR or Digital so the logo became a bit of a word salad to cover everything ('verify theatre format').

As Allen films are typically mono they would still use the Dolby process to take advantage of the improved sound quality over Academy mono optical (hence SR mono). This applied to later releases with AC-3 tracks where due to the 5.1 layout of the system only a fraction of the available bitrate could be allocated to the centre channel, leaving the remaining bits redundant.
Dolby became a process used industry wide and in music recording as well which would be used and applied to the tape itself. So most everything on tape from 1971 onward has some form of Dolby noise reduction. Dolby SR being the most advanced version at the time means it was just applied to a mono track.
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As above its noise reduction

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