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Restoration tips: HD matrix surround™
Just found this after making my own semi-redundant post. Tongue

Just wanted to let you know, I have a Fireface 800 at home; good audio interface in the $1000 range. Can theoretically capture at 192kHz/24bit, but with a 48kHz source I think 48kHz/24bit is entirely sufficient. Up to 8 channels. So it would be a piece of cake to do a high quality "HD matrix surround" restauration; if the decoder supports it, even with symmetrical virtually noise-free cables. Don't own any decoder myself though. If anyone feels like sending me one over for testing/doing a "HD matrix surround" for them, that'd be an option.

Personally I'm using foobars "free_dsp_surround" so far, pretty satisfying to me. (although I have no direct comparison).

I also found a SurCode Pro Logic II software decoder, but haven't tried it out yet. Seems to be an "official" thing. And some people claim that it's compatible with the original Pro Logic.

Anyway, I'm not a huge fan of the "upmixing" of the surround channel. I feel the fairest way to treat it is to simply split it up to two channels without any fancy upmixing. In the end, it's supposed to be in the back. Best I can think of would be some kind of psychoacoustic modelling thingy that makes it sound like it comes from behind when it really comes from LB and RB.
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