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[LIST] DVDs with both widescreen and open matte versions

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So I browsed a bit the web, to no avail.

I like to collect DVDs that are either dual sided, or DVD-9, holding both widescreen and open matte versions of films.

Most of those were released in the early days of DVD from 1997 on.

Anyone could help build a more complete list by contributing, please feel free to post titles here.

Some of those I come across:

- Batman
- Batman Returns
- Batman Forever
- Batman & Robin
- Bronco Billy (actually it's cropped on the sides)
- Cobra
- The Crow (2 disc set)
- Dark City
- Dr No
- Evil Dead 2
- The Exorcist
- Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer
- From Russia With Love
- Goldeneye (Pan & Scan side)
- Goldfinger
- Hang'Em High
- Hellraiser
- Hellraiser 2
- Jumper
- Last Action Hero
- Memphis Belle
- Men In Black
- Nightmare on Elm Street (all 7 of them)
- Payback
- Resident Evil: Apocalypse
- The Specialist
- Speed
- Starman
- Super Speedway
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- Total Recall

Don't hesitate to add. Also feel free to point cases like Bronco Billy, where they cropped the sides instead of open-matting.
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"Men in Black" limited edition on DVD18, dual layer and flipper at the same time, has both 1.85:1 and 1.33:1 AR. I have it in PAL French edition.
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I think all of the following are more likely the open mate versions..

The 7 Nightmare on Elm Street Films had Dual Screen Format DVD releases in USA. I am not sure if Dual side, or DVD-9
Dark City also had Wide- and Fulscreen Combo releasde in USA
Evil Dead 2 also seemed to have a release with both Frame Formats in USA.
Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 also seem to be on that list from the USA.

And a very odd one from Germany:
Jackie Brown 1st DVD release was 1.33:1 Full Frame (open matte), and had a subtitle Track that just added black bars on top and bottom to matte it to 1.85:1.
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
Mulan R1 Gold Collection DVD - It has slightly more top/bottom but quite a lot on the side cropped.

Starman R1

Last Action Hero R1
Yes, Jackie Brown, who in their right mind would matte Bridget Fonda bottoms! The movie matted is just NOT it!
Many of these are opened up for most shots. Some things like CG/VFX shots and possibly credits sequences will be cropped or sometimes letterboxed.

Mulan was animated and finished at 1.60:1, so 1.33 would be losing a noticeable amount on the sides.

Bronco Billy was probably hard matted in camera, hence why the 4:3 version is a massacre job.
The Crow (2 disc UK edition)
(2021-05-21, 11:10 PM)Stamper Wrote: Yes, Jackie Brown, who in their right mind would matte Bridget Fonda bottoms! The movie matted is just NOT it!

I first watched Jackie Brown when it premiered on the FX network in the US. They made a pretty big deal about it. May have been one of the first bottoms I saw on TV!
(2021-05-28, 08:31 PM)eledoremassis02 Wrote: The Crow (2 disc UK edition)

But weren't both versions on different discs? Not a "one DVD for both" DVD?
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
It stills count! I forgot, I have an open matte copy, which is the UK DVD.

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