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Miami Connection

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For those who haven't heard of Miami Connection--it's about a group of Tae Kwon Do/University students that are also in a band called 'Dragon Sound' who end up getting entangled with drug dealing ninjas that ride motorbikes. All this is actually set in Orlando, Florida despite the film being called Miami Connection (it was actually a play on Bruce Lee's Chinese Connection rather than The French Connection). This movie is all kinds of bad. I'm extremely hyped for the guys from Rifftrax riffing it live in theaters in October!

It's a guilty pleasure because, to me, it's the ultimate so bad it's good film. I recently screened it for some friends at our movie night and it was a pretty big hit... my friend and I (whom I also work with) would just bust out singing 'Friends' every time I see him. I would make references to skits from Kids In The Hall and he would just ignore it and start talking about Miami Connection instead. (I've created a monster!) Has anyone else seen it? What's your favourite scene/lines from it?

The blu-ray contains scenes that were edited out of the movie that I intend on re-inserting into the movie and retaining it's HD format. If I knew more about restoration I would probably try to fix some of the damaged scenes but I think it's best to retain it's grindhouse quality, after all it's meant to be seen that way.
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