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KURTZ (Apocalypse Now edit)

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In the category "DTS 7.1" remakes of older work I finished last week the Apocalypse Now edit "KURTZ"
The first one I did was back in 2015, "The Horror" but that was done with cheap software crap and I didn't get what I had in mind 
It was not possible to do some things especially with the audio editing, but in 2019 I did a remake with adobe and jess now I had the edit I wanted
The 2019 cut was done in AC3 stereo and with the release some time ago of "The Final Cut" of Apocalypse Now I thought to do this for the last time using the 7.1 audio track 
It's now a little longer than the 2019 cut, more Kilgore and Kurtz, and here and there some re-scores by Abigail Mead using the Full Metal Jacket soundtrack
However, like the first edits, it is trimmed like hell, the whole story is done in a 98-minute edition
No France bullshit, No Playmate hookers, it is just straight to the point 
The opening is done with Hendrix' "Machine Gun" to make it a little different 
Converted from the 4K release to 1080p 
The release was last Friday on my website 

[Image: 7BJJVf0.jpg]
I just edited the title to include "Apocalypse Now edit", to let anyone know that KURTZ it's not a movie title itself! Wink
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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