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"Is Paris Burning?" / "Paris brûle-t-il?" / "Brennt Paris?" (1966) - Undubbed

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My first "big" reconstruction project, I've made a version of this movie where every actor speaks their original language.
This movie is available in three versions:
All voices dubbed in English, all voices in French and all voices in German.
Naturally, this will not do, so I synchronized the three versions, and then switched back and forth between them depending on speakers' original language. I switched it "live" on my first viewing, then I made a more proper edit in Audacity later. Most of the movie is in French, most of what's left in American, the rest German. There's one actress who speaks English in some scenes and French in others, which confused me for a bit. Oh, and there's Swedish for two lines, but only in the American dub.

When I did this, I had three versions available:
1080p streaming: American image, American dub
DVD rip: American image, French dub
TV Rip: German image, German dub, some scenes deleted, bad quality.
I used FFMatch to match the versions and copy the soundtracks (as MP3, because that's what FFMatch does) and then used a whole lot of "constant power crossfade" in Audacity to jump between them. (Which isn't great, if I want to redo it.)
I started with the American streaming copy as a base, but would use French audio for the most part, in case of crowd noises and such. I would only use the German dub when necessary, since it was much lower quality. There was also one scene that should have been spoken in German, but wasn't present in the German TV rip.
I also edited the subtitles slightly, since they were not translations, but transcriptions of the American dub, so the subtitle lines would be somewhat out of sync and also didn't match the original languages in translation.
Best example: "Ich habe vier Panzer-" became "I have three panzers-", even though "vier" means 4, not 3. Because the mouth movements of "three" and "vier" (sounds like "fear") match better, that's what they dubbed it to...
Unfortunately, I don't understand French, only German, so I couldn't verify if the French translation was bad.
Since finishing/abandoning this project I've found a French/German HDTV rip, which is very good quality and should really be used to replace the German audio. It also included the deleted German TV rip scene, but seems to be dubbed by a different German actor than the one on-screen. This HDTV version is French image, with synchronized French and German soundtracks, so hypothetically there could be some fun reconstruction work one could do to make creditless openings and suchlike.
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