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Exporting 5.1 audio from Premiere not working (see pics)

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Hey friends,

I've tried multiple ways to export my 5.1 audio from a video clip from Premiere but it seems like whatever I do I cannot get it to recognize each channel when I re-import it to check.

Audio in Premiere (note the unique individual channels)

[Image: JNmjM0n.png]

The exported audio examined in Audition (why are channels missing?)
[Image: tVWvdcm.png]

My export settings (I've tried: wav and AAC) Note I've selected 5.1

[Image: MnzEmFy.png]
You need to map each mono track to a specific channel.

But before that you need to specify 5.1 mix when making new sequence.

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Thanks dude, I will take a look

this solved everything..........dude in the video is correct there aren't many correct tutorials out there that explain this.

Okay new problem:

I can actually export the audio as a 5.1 mix but when I go to inject it via MKVToolNix and playback the mkv in VLC, the audio isn't being down converted (I think is the term) for stereo playback. Essentially its missing channels.

Basically, why is that I see mkvs all the time with 5.1  audio in them but when I play them on desktop speakers I can hear everything but in this export I can't.

Figured it out, for some reason it seems to be working by using FLAC as a format rather then .wav. Unsure why.
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