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Need help choosing audio mixing software.
I'm working on a tiny project of a live event. The source audio has environmental sounds and some good attributes, but the low frequencies are absolute garbage.
I was looking to mix it together with the official soundtrack to produce a richer mix, but I'm not sure what is ideal.

In the past I've used MPEG Video Wizard (which obviously isn't ideal), and Sony Sound Forge (which isn't the best for ease of mixing).

Any suggestions?
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I like Cubase, but it's not exactly cheap.
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(2021-07-18, 02:38 AM)TomArrow Wrote: I like Cubase, but it's not exactly cheap.

Reaper is a nice alternative to Cubase. It’s really cheap too (also has an infinite trial Wink )
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Try Audacity; don't know if it could be suitable, but at least it's free! Wink
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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I second Reaper if you are dealing with multi-track mixing.
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Yeah, Cubase looks to have a pretty steep learning curve for a simple project.
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