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Critters (1986) LD mono track (the 2.0 audio from SF release seems to be bad)
Interesting stuff. Well I've got the original DVD on the way. It'll be interesting to see if the "Dolby Stereo" track on there differs in any way from the BD.
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(2021-07-22, 10:48 AM)Turisu Wrote: I can confirm the audio drop-out at around 19:50 on the 2.0 track of the Shout! BD. As to it being a folddown I can't say. The 2.0 and 5.1 tracks sound identical when listened through headphones. I'll grab the DVD and see if the 2.0 track on there is any different.

Thank goodness I found out! Thank you very much for confirming this. My DVD has only one English track and it’s 5.1.
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What's interesting is there's a 1995 VHS with "Ultra-Stereo" on the label.

Did someone goof on the labelling or was there a remix done later?
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Interesting, it may have had a low-key remix done in the 90's or it could be a typo. The seller claims the tape has been tested, depending on their setup they might be able to confirm one way or the other.

FWIW I've checked UK VHS releases on ebay and there's no mention of stereo or surround, so it's most likely hi-fi mono. There doesn't seem to be any later budget re-releases, only the initial home release and ex-rentals
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This movie was originally mono. Besides, I checked the end credits and there is no Ultra Stereo logo.
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The 2005 DVD I have on the way has a "Dolby Stereo Surround" track in addition to the 5.1. It may not be original mono but at least if it's not a folddown it may be the most authentic mix available on digital media. I'll report back when I have it.
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So here are what my untrained eyes and ears are able to make of the various audio tracks.

The 2.0 on the BD is not a folddown of the 5.1. It's the same mix as appears on the 2003 DVD and is a distinct stereo mix. If this same mix is on the "Stereo" VHS release then perhaps it's as zoidberg suggested and it was created in the 90's for home video releases.

Comparing the two tracks; the BD track benefits from lossless compression whereas the DVD track is lossy 224kps AC3 however the BD track has had some noise reduction applied which entirely filters out some ambient cricket chirping in some scenes. Also the DVD track doesn't have the brief audio dropout that is present on the BD.

Given that the stereo mix is likely pre-digital I wonder if mixing the DVD 2.0 down to mono would create a reasonable approximation of the original theatrical audio.
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