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[Help] Jurassic Park 3 - Best Audio?
ya DTS ES wins tho i don't think the atmos is all that bad
the DDEX is flat tho
That could be because I was watching in vlc. it doesn't turn dial norm off like kodi does
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So after being provided with the Cinema DTS, I think I now have every audio track available (minus the VHS). The Cinema DTS sounds beautiful on my system; very dynamic, lot's of bass, sounds just like I'd imagine a dinosaur fight in front of me would sound. The R1 DVD DTS-ES is a less dynamic near-field version of the Cinema DTS. The BD 7.1 isn't bad, in some places it sounds very good, but with the Cinema track available I can't see myself going back to this. And again the UHD is terrible with little dynamic range and neutered bass.
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