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[Released] Blade Runner - assorted outtakes
[Image: mpv-shot0017.jpg]

A thousand boxes full of "Blade Runner" negatives were taking up space in a Burbank warehouse and were ordered for destruction in 1988, but someone forgot to sign the final paperwork. So the crates languished in limbo, untouched and forgotten, until a team of DVD producers opened them in 2001. They were looking for footage to include on a special edition DVD of "Blade Runner", which was slated for release on the film's twentieth anniversary.

That DVD set was cancelled after legal dilemmas, but by 2006 the red tape had been severed and DVD producer Charles de Lauzirika began cataloguing every take in preparation for the "Final Cut" Blu-ray. Hours of dailies were scanned for bonus features on the set, including a 40-minute "Deleted Scenes" compilation. Other features about the creation and design of the film were suffused with outtakes and effects shots. I've combined all those shots into an 80 minute video with footage you probably haven't seen before, and most of which was not spliced into the Deleted Scenes feature.

The original source was SD and interlaced; I kept it that way. Most of the footage is unused takes of shots which made the cut, but there are several surprises -- even for those who thought they knew everything there was to know about the movie. Anyone interested can post in the thread or PM me.
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Very cool Lio, I'd love to see it.
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Intriguing! I'd be pleased to see this too.
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grateful thanks for your work Lio.
it was very enjoyable.
Thanks given by: Lio
my friend's a BR fiend (as I am becoming one!) and he'd absolutely go nuts to see this!! Smile
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