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Infini (2015)

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Even if it seems the budget was so low that they cannot afford the two letters, "ty", at the end of the title Wink this little movie is not bad at all!!!

Don't expect multimillion CGI shots, fast action, battles, droids, spaceships etc... so, what is it in this movie? Don't want to spoiler too much, but it has some bits from several films and games like Alien, Doom, Dead Space and many others... story is original, acting is quite good, just pacing is a bit slow, but apart that, it's a good sci-fi movie - not for everyone, but for many... if you like Dante 01 and Cargo, this is a masterpiece in comparison! Big Grin
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I just watched the trailer and am intrigued enough to give it a look. Thanks for the recommendation spoRv

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