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STANLEY KUBRICK German Preservation Project - Overview Thread

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This topic is a collection for my restorations of the German versions of Stanley Kubrick movies.

Stanley Kubrick was very adamant to the effort of having his movies localized for the countries they were released in. He took the effort of personally selecting voice actors, localizing entire credits sequences as well as actually reshooting footage in other languages.

The focus of the project are Kubrick's auteur movies after "Spartacus". I also decided to take "Dr. Strangelove" off the top priority, as I have no thinkable source of its German localization.


I am not saying that I will be able to tackle all of these, and/or in which order this will happen. After all, it's a question of availability of material.

I am always looking to obtain:
  • English mono audio tracks
  • German mono audio tracks
  • German recordings (VHS, TV)
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Current status of material on various titles, which will determine the release order.

Full Metal Jacket:
This is the one Kubrick title that didn’t seem to have German localization in the credits, and just kept everything in English. So the preservation will be using the 1080p 4:3 transfer (that I have), German and English mono and 5.1 surround.
Most notably, there is a deviation in the German dub for at least one of Gunnery Sgt Hartman’s lines in the mono version compared to the 5.1 version.

2001: A Space Odyssey:
The BluRay from the last 4K restoration will be serving as a source. SD digital recording with full German credits localization is available to me, as well as original German audio (as well as recent 5.1 jobs). What I am still lacking is the original English mix.

A Clockwork Orange:
A German digital SD TV recording with fully localized credits and German mono audio is available to me, as is the English mono and the two recent 5.1 jobs. However, the 4K restoration will only be released in October, so that’ll wait till then.

Eyes Wide Shut:
Unfortunately, so far I have no 4:3 FullHD transfer available. This will be on the back burner for the time being until a source might come up. German localization is available to me from 4:3 VHS, as is the German stereo audio.

German original intro credits are available to me from a German TV recording. Other German localization was done digitally by the TV station and will most likely be reconstructed using the BluRay. Low priority right now.

Dr. Strangelove:
No German localization is available to me (or has ever been seen by me - though the trailer had a great localization), so this project will be on a long backburner. Maybe it will be excluded entirely, being a Columbia title and all. Though I do love the movie.
[Image: JCjhKrn.jpg]
Work on A CLOCKWORK ORANGE started, oh my dear droogies.

[Image: JCjhKrn.jpg]
A CLOCKWORK ORANGE has been released.
[Image: JCjhKrn.jpg]

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