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The Muppet Movie UK Cut in HD

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According to IMDb:
Quote:The longer 97 minute version, as originally released in theaters and released on video in the UK in the 80s, contains the following extended scenes:
  • Extended shots of Kermit entering the El Sleezo Cafe where Fozzie is performing, after the James Coburn cameo.

  • More of Fozzie being heckled in the bar. He honks a horn which falls apart, then says, "This is not my night."

  • Extra shots as Doc Hopper and Max watch Fozzie and Kermit dance at the El Sleezo. A little bit more dancing and more of the crowd manhandling Kermit and Fozzie.

  • An extended commercial for Doc Hopper's Frog Legs. More of Doc Hopper asking Kermit to be his spokesman.

  • Extra Fozzie in "Moving Right Along." "A bear in his natural habitat - a Studebaker."

  • Even more Doc Hopper trying to convince Kermit. "Shut up, Max!"

  • In the church, an extended recap of the entire movie by Dr. Teeth - we see shots from previous scenes. It's not clear if this was actually in the version which screened in theaters, or if it was added for the video version, as the laserdisc version seems to have been edited on video.

  • Doc Hopper and Max chase Kermit and Fozzie. Max asks what his cut of a million is. A whole extra car chase scene of Max trying to catch up to Fozzie and Kermit, and failing.

  • An alternate musical arrangement of "Never Before, Never Again".

  • Greatly extended version of Rowlf and Kermit dueting on "I Hope That Something Better Comes Along," with about two or three more verses. "A laddie needs a lassie." "Come Father's Day, the litterbug's gonna get ya."

  • Extra shot of Giant Animal laughing at the bad guys (possibly deleted because Animal's fingers were thought to look unconvincing - just a guess from me).

  • Extra reaction shots in Orson Welles scene.

  • A lot more explosion and set destruction footage when Crazy Harry blows up the set at the end, before "Life's Like a Movie." Seems like padding really. It's set to circus-y music.

  • Extended and alternate ending in the movie theater - Sweetums says "I just knew I'd catch up with you guys." All Muppets talk and say funny things over ending credits. Robin says Kermit is a great actor. Fozzie repeatedly asks if he was funny in the movie, but no one will tell him that except Kermit. Muppets are in character for the entire credits. Music is also different in this section.

The UK cut is confirmed to be on the 1987 UK VHS and on the 1982 UK Laserdisc (pictures here). The Laserdisc should be the best source to use for the extra scenes. It is 4:3, but it's also Open Matte, so it could be cropped down to the proper 1:85.

According to anathema from OriginalTrilogy:
Quote:Both laserdisc and VHS versions of the 97-minute cut used the same transfer: an open-matte telecine of a 35mm print done to a pair of 2" Quad videotapes, with the tape-change occurring around the 54-minute mark.  The telecine was slightly zoomed-in, which is fairly common for transfers of that age.  Unfortunately it was also suppressed-field, so it's fairly low-resolution.  It was, however, stereo.

I have the Blu-ray to use for the main video footage. Audio would probably be from the Laserdisc, since it would be a bit odd to mix the 5.1 Master Audio from the Blu-ray with the stereo from the Laserdisc. Unless maybe there is a good stereo source to use from an older release, then that could be used for the majority instead. Since anathema has supposedly done both video and audio restoration on the Laserdisc footage, I can also try contacting him to see if it could be used.

The original company logos could also be added, if there are good sources for them.
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There is already a DVD restoration of this by 'Anathema'. There was discussion on OTForums and the torrent is still active on MySpleen.
Considering the quality, the UK additional footage might not upscale well.
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Yep, I referenced his work in the main post. As you say, it probably wouldn't upscale well, so I would likely just keep the extra footage SD. Wouldn't be perfect, but it's probably the best that could be done. This version would probably be the best way to watch the movie, since it would have the majority in HD, and still have the extra footage.
Oops, yes, in the quote box. Missed that.

An HD version would be great.
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Well, I've sent anathema a message. Currently waiting for a response. If positive, we can move the thread to In progress, and I can get started.
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Well, there's been no response from anathema, even though (according to their page) they're active pretty much daily. Anyone else have a copy of their restoration?
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Alright. Doctor M has provided me a copy of anathema's restoration. The quality of his release isn't great, and won't mesh quite so well with the Blu-ray, but it's the best we have, so that's what I'm gonna use. If anyone has a better rip of the laserdisc, or can possible get a copy and do a new one, please let me know, and I'll see if I can redo his restoration.

As for now, I can get the work started. If a mod could move the thread to In progress, that would be great.
Also to note, according to the Muppet Wiki:  

Quote:These extra scenes were also available for the German dub Muppet Movie when it first aired on TV in the mid-1990s, but were later removed when the movie was released on VHS and DVD.

If somebody has a recording of this TV airing, it may possibly be higher quality than the source being used now.
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I'll be looking forward to this for sure.
Project creator.
I know the whereabouts of 16mm print from a seller in Switzerland on facebook, but it has Dutch subtitles. Trying to find out the running time.
[Image: 263394262_10222651149040746_803691064463...e=61B0FEF8]
[Image: 262572580_10222651149280752_781955152572...e=61B1AB9C]
[Image: 262908666_10222651149240751_774243720747...e=61B11F78]
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