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Needful Things (TBS TV Cut)

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With all the IT discussion, does anyone have Needful Things (TBS TV Cut) preserved?

This is available on MS. It's from TNT's monstervision series and is the 3 hour long cutWink
Not sure about the quality as I haven't downloaded it but appears to still have some seeds.
Hi jerry, I think there are like 3 on there? Which one is it?
I'll PM youWink
Apparently, the theatrical version is being released on Blu-Ray this month. No need to buy it, however it does apparently include a commentary.

Does anyone know if a good quality TV version exists? I found one, but the quality is very poor and it was a DVD. Arrg.

Also, I haven't watched all of it yet, but it seems many of the cut scenes are non-essential/character development.
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