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[Request] New transfer of Commando (1985) on Tubi TV
Today I received the second stream from the broadcast and the content there was even more, the screenshot of the first WEB I aligned in proportions.

[Image: ME49RLB_t.jpg] [Image: ME49RLD_t.png] [Image: ME49RLE_t.png]
Thanks given by: spoRv , Hitcher
That looks like the old master used for the Blu-ray?
Thanks given by:
maksnew, is that Russian web one as good as the AMC or D+ UK, most probably not, as bronan said, color's look more like blu-ray master than 4k. Still looking for someone who has L1 cdm and able to grab 1080p from D+. One guy on telegram offered to help but as yet hasn't got back.
Thanks given by: bronan , dwalkerdon
L1 cdm?
Thanks given by:
Great news on this one. Always happy having an excuse to put this one on Tongue Any updates on finding someone able to capture it from D+? How does it typically work? Do randoms out there charge to do the job?
Thanks given by:

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