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Audio from Mission Impossible (1996) Teaser (taken from UHD BD or 25thAnniversary BD)

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Hello all,
Could someone please extract the audio from the Teaser of Mission: Impossible (1996), from either the UHD BD or the 25th Anniversary Edition BD?

I'm working on an audio preservation project of Mission: Impossible music, and would love to include this bit   8)


In case someone helps me, can you please also extract the audio from the trailer, as well as the teaser?

I don't know how to edit my post...
I'm working on getting you this. Currently trying to get it off the 25th anniversary.

Okay, the only file I could find that matched that teaser matched the video and audio but was only 1:05. As far as I can tell it removed the starting green screen only. I've extracted both the teaser as mp4 with copied video/audio of source. I also extracted the audio, same as source, which ended up ac3 format from software I used. Let me know if you still need.
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