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[Help] Rambo 4k blu rays worth it?
Are the first three Rambo films on 4k worth it? The Rambo 3 4k looks very yellow in the daytime scenes which kind of bothers me. Also do these movies still come with the slip cover if I order from Amazon?
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I don't care for Rambo movies except for the first one (First Blood). In general, the 4K transfer of the first movie is ok, but it has problems - milky/greenish blacks and some artefacting in darker scenes on the US 4K. Italian 4K release from Eagle is the best option - at least, it takes care of the darker scenes due to better encoding.
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From what I've read the encoding is pretty appalling (some referring to them as LEGO vision).
I haven't seen them myself though.
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Aren't there missing forced subs on the Eagle release? I vaguely remember hearing about that
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