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Regrades - Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, The Insider + Others

I'm a lurker who is constantly appreciative of people who take restorations and remasters into their own hands.

I think Fellowship of the Ring was the movie that really set me on a path to be disgusted by the teal and orange game that Hollywood plays with remasters and the lies that they spew about why they blanketly add those colors to older movies.

I have regraded some of my favorite movies that have received awful treatment from studios.

Here is my list.

-Home Alone
The remaster looks so drab- Even the UHD didn't look as good as it should. Using a SDR 4K master, I went through and evened the colors out a bit and removed the tint that was put on it, I did it last year so I can't quite remember what direction the tint pushed to but I would so screen caps if there were interest for me to post somewhere.

-Christmas Vacation
Similar situation to Home Alone- just fixed the tint bias and reset the white level.

-Mrs Doubtfire
This was another awful remaster- The poster for this movie is so bright and vibrant and the remaster drained the life and color from the movie - I aimed to add it back.

-The Insider
Michael Mann is notorious for destroying his films via remasters- Heat is unwatchable with its current Mann approved version and The Insider isn't far off - I find the regrade that I did to be way more watchable.

This currently isn't available on Blu-ray- Totally overlooked Danny Boyle Movie- I think I merged the Amazon download version with an HDTV version- From what I remember the Amazon download had a Starz bug that popped periodically, I used the HDTV version to remove that through the movie. I also added the Danny Boyle Commentary

-I Heart Huckabees
There is only a WEB-DL version of this available and it looks terrible and desaturated - I popped the color back in and it looks away better.

There may be a couple more that I am not thinking about right now.

So questions:

Any interest in me posting these?

What program do I need to make screen caps or the before and after?

How can I get invited to a platform where I can upload them?

Thank you-
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(2021-10-06, 10:51 PM)marktornits Wrote: So questions:

Any interest in me posting these?

What program do I need to make screen caps or the before and after?

How can I get invited to a platform where I can upload them?

Thank you-

Welcome. Glad to have another person posting projects here. To wit:

1. I'm sure people would be interested, especially after seeing before and after pics. And on that note
2. I use MPC-HC (or a variation of it). If you go to file you can select save a pic or a generate thumbnail of the whole file.
3. We don't have a platform for uploading. Your projects are basically your own responsibility. You host it and set you set your own rules.

Good luck!
New, low or non-posting members: Please do not post or PM me asking where to get something or what the current status of a project is. Such requests are ignored. Instead, stick around and become a participating member. Thank you.

Thanks given by: marktornits
I would be interested.
Also you should add info on what audio tracks you have paired with your video.
Thanks given by: marktornits
ok cool-

I need to find somewhere to post them- 

But I will def add the info for audio tracks when I get to that point-
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