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Batman: The Animated Series (1992) select DVD tracks synced to BD

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Formats: English AC-3 2.0ch 48kHz 192 kbps / FLAC 2.0ch 48kHz 24-bit
Source: R1 DVD English AC-3 2.0ch 192 kbps

I was about to start a Batman TAS Blu-ray rewatch, but then I remembered that there were audio noise reduction problems in the following episodes:
•S01E31 - The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy
•S02E04 - Avatar
•S02E05 - House & Garden
•S02E07 - Harlequinade

Particularly 'The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy' suffers strongly from that unmistakable "underwater" sound. The DVD tracks do not suffer from excessive noise reduction.

I synced the R1 DVD tracks of the four episodes to the BD. AviSynth (TIVTC) & VirtualDub2 was used for visual aid. The AC-3 version was synced without transcoding by inserting silent AC-3 frames, but it's less precisely timed than the FLAC version because of the 32ms frame duration. DialNorm was removed via eac3to.

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