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The Abyss (1989) - Theatrical Trailer D & E Restoration | UPDATE

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Trailer D

I made an updated version with the following changes to Trailer D
  • MPAA Green Card replaced with a newly created one
  • MPAA Green Card scope version replaced with proper 4:3 version as shown in the scope version of 35mm print
  • Opening Documentary Video Sequence replaced with a higher quality version***
  • added two missing shots in the theatrical cut that are included in the extended cut*
  • title animation replaced with a higher quality version***
  • added a newly created end credit card
  • added 35mm fine grain layer on top of the video
  • added LD PCM of the trailer**

Source provided by
*** FT Depot

I made another re-edit, which is 100% frame accurate, except for two missing shots (Bud is in pain while falling down the abyss) in the theatrical cut. I currently don't have the extended version in HD and those two shots might be in there. The titles screen is cropped due to the movie being in it's original format and the source of the trailer is open matte.
I know there is an open matte version of the movie floating around, but I couldn't get it yet. I may update the trailer if I get a proper movie file.

Anyway... I hope you'll enjoy it regardless Smile

Trailer E

While I still had all the assets on my computer, I thought why not try to restore Trailer E, aka "Review Trailer", to it's full glory and here it is  Big Grin

Enjoy Smile

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[Image: bendermac.png]
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I made a few changes. See 1st post Smile
Trailer E added. See 1st post.
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Trailer D: "A long movie needs a long trailer!" Wink nice!

Trailer E: while it lasts less than 50s, there are further two minutes of black... maybe you need to fix it!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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(2021-10-24, 07:43 PM)spoRv Wrote: Trailer D: "A long movie needs a long trailer!" Wink nice!

Trailer E: while it lasts less than 50s, there are further two minutes of black... maybe you need to fix it!

Already fixed on YT Smile
(This post was last modified: 2021-10-24, 11:29 PM by bendermac.)
I've updated Trailer D one more time, because FT Depot gave me access to their scan of the scope trailer. The quality of the assets are much better than the previous version I had.

See 1st post for the updated version.
Not trying to take away from your work at all…but I restored the first trailer a while back:

All of the footage was taken from the open-matte HD source.  Perhaps more importantly, every frame of the making-of footage and closing animation was cleaned of dust, specks, etc.  Took forever.
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I love The Abyss and am anxious for a hopeful 4k release. I like what you did with the trailer. Kudos.

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