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[Canceled] Aliens TV Cut and Theatrical Regrade (Fox THX Laserdisc)

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—Aliens- CBS TV Cut—

This version of Aliens is a recreation of the extended CBS TV cut, in which much of the footage (the holodeck park/“You mean dead”/sentry guns/Dwayne-Ellen exchange) later seen in the “Special Edition” first debuted. Yet, because it doesn’t have all the “Special Edition” footage (Hudson bragging/bee analogy/the much reviled suspense-ruining “Shake and Bake” colony sequence), it keeps up a much tighter pace without losing the emotional gravitas of the “Special Edition.”

For me, previously an advocate of the “Special Edition,” this is truly the best of both worlds. On another forum, it has been even suggested that this version most closely represented the version that Cameron wanted released in cinemas in 1986 before the studio cut it down. I choose to believe that theory. Some of the “Special Edition” footage was then simply added when Cameron then had carte blanche to include everything; like his cut of Terminator 2, too much added material winds up over-bloating the movie.

Needless to say, this doesn’t have the censorship of the CBS TV Cut.

Kudos to PDB and Stamper, whose description of this alternate cut on another forum, I followed, when assembling this edit.

It comes in at 143 minutes and 57 seconds.

Open the STREAM folder (BDMV -> STREAM) and then drag the file 01106.m2ts into TSMuxer. Alternatively, you could press “add” on the right of TSMuxer and then select the file in the resulting finder window. These are the first few minutes of the film.

Leave everything as-is (1106 in the Input Files window should be automatically highlighted), then simply click “join” on the right of TS Muxer, in between “add” and “remove.” In the resulting finder window, go back into the STREAM folder (BDMV -> STREAM) then select 01107.m2ts.

01107.m2ts should appear in your Input Files window joined (indicated by “++”) to 01106.m2ts. Now, 1107 should be automatically highlighted. As before, leave it as such. From here on out, you just need to keep using the “join” function to assemble the whole movie from start to finish, taking all the various parts and branching them into a unique order.

The final file order for Aliens (quite long) can be found on a .pdf file on MEGA located here- https://mega.nz/#!WVdSkJKC!XvAoxnO5mxNy1...PCgl3R2XqY
Really intrigued to see this one when its done...hats off to you PDB for all your work on this project(and the others...you have so many irons in the fire!). I don't know how you guys do it, but I'm glad you do.
Has this been completed/released yet?
I could compile it with my 2010 Anthology set, but I don't really like the grading on the BR Smile
Nope. Really as a stopgap do your own version. No compression, keep the 5.1 mix, it's great.
Still working on it. Had a detour with new footage and syncing issues but still coming this year.
I'm going to paused this project (again) while I pour all my efforts into my other Aliens project:


which is up to 4 or 5 parts inducing a possible regrade. The more I worked on that, the more this project feels redundant. So just wanted people to know I'm not going to active work on it for now. Might come back to it again later.

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