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Les Miserables (1995, Claude Lelouch) HD Version

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I own the US 2-VHS videotape version of Les Miserables (1995) directed by Claude Lelouch, which has never had a DVD or Blu-ray release in the US, just VHS and laser disc releases.

I was wondering if someone has an Amazon DL or web rip of this movie in HD.

I would like the HD version to include DTS-HD MA versions of the Dolby Surround, mono, and Dolby Digital 5.1 AC3 tracks from the US laser disc synced to it, and also include the chapters from the US laser disc.

It seems it got a PAL DVD release (AC-3 2.0):

[Image: ApDqvnNc_o.png]

And a 720p copy exists as well (AAC 2.0):

[Image: 7kaWYXsY_o.png]

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