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Fantastic 4 (2005) Extended Cut in 1080p

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I would like to see the Fantastic 4 2005 extended cut on HD. This version has been shown on HBO Max in HD.



Most of the movie will be either from the Hong Kong, Hungary, or Thailand Blu-ray, with the Planetarium with a Kiss scene and for the Reed and Sue walk scene, it will be from the US Blu-Ray, encoded to AVC. The rest of the missing scenes is from either a 1080p HBO Max rip of the Extended Cut or the Extended Cut DVD upscaled using Topaz Video Enhance AI.
Also, the audio track will be from the Extended Cut DVD.
The extended cut of the movie is on HBO Max?
Edit: Oh yeah it is. Thank you for mentioning it.
Edit 2: Darn it, it appears it has been removed.
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