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[Request] Halloween (1978) Criterion Laserdisc Rip

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I'm looking to get my hands on a rip of the Halloween Criterion Collection Laserdisc. I would like to regrade the new Scream Factory transfer using the LD as the main color reference and offer it up as a resource for anyone who wants to preserve and/or recreate the film's Criterion release.

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Will you be re-grading the 4k version or just the 1080p disc?
I was thinking of doing just 1080p disc for save storage space, but I am tempted to do the 4K and then just scale down.
This would be definitely an exciting project. Even the 1080p disc on the new Halloween Scream 4K release looks great. Would love to see it with the Criterion colors.
I'm still looking for this, and possibly a rip of the THX DVD as well. I might want to regraded the new SF transfer with the THX colors as well.
I might have the thx around somewhere. Give me a few days to look.
(2022-01-02, 04:08 AM)PDB Wrote: I might have the thx around somewhere. Give me a few days to look.

I thank you in advance, PDB Happy
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