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Legend (1985) - U.S. TV Cut HD Reconstruction

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[Image: legend-tv-cut-fanres-poster.png]
Project Info

Like my recent Explorers: Definitive Cut release, Legend: The U.S. TV Cut is another personal passion project that has a special place in my heart. Ridley Scott's 1985 fantasy film, Legend, was another film I was introduced to in my childhood by my father. I have very fond memories associated with this film, and they have followed me into my late twenties -- and compelled me to do this project. 

Being a fan of Legend since I was a kid, I naturally learned of the various cuts of the film that have existed over years and acquired each cut when I could. There was one cut that had eluded me for years: The U.S. Television Cut. By the time I had started hunting for it Legend wasn't playing on TV much anymore, and I couldn't find any trace of it online to watch. My interest in creating this project would be ignited when I came across a site dedicated to the film and saw various mention the TV Cut; the site even had a complete breakdown of the TV Cut written up! After giving a thorough readthrough of the breakdown, I had in my mind that I was going to recreate this cut to the best of my ability. 

Video: Legend: U.S. TV Cut is reconstructed using the recently restored U.S. Theatrical Cut and Director's Cut of Legend found in the Arrow Video Limited Edition blu-ray set. The reconstruction is presented in the film's original 2.35:1 aspect ratio instead of the 1.33:1 aspect ratio of the original TV Cut. Legend: The U.S. TV Cut clocks in at 95 mins.

LPCM: English 2.0 (Mixed down from the new LPCM 5.1 track for this release)
LPCM: English 5.1 (Sourced from the U.S. Theatrical Cut and Director's Cut DTS HD-MA 5.1 tracks out of the Arrow Video LE BD release)
DD+: English 2.0 (Converted and mixed down from LPCM 5.1 track)
DD+: English 5.1 (Converted from the LPCM 5.1 track)

Note: The English LPCM 2.0 track is the default audio track for this, which is the same for the Arrow Video LE release. This is done not only to emulate Arrow's release but to reflect both the theatrical and television releases.

[Image: Legend-U-S-TV-Cut-v2-0-mkv-thumbs.jpg]
Status: Complete. PM for download.

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