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Decoding AC3 tracks from film ?

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Is it at all possible ? Has anybody looked into it? Google is not helpful for this Confused
There was a thread on the OT forums where some people were trying to reverse engineer it. I can't find it now, and I don't think they made much progress on it.
In theory, one may be able to accomplish it digitally since the track is actual AC3 at around 320kbps once it gets into the Dolby processor. The only output mechanism from that is analog out for connection to a cinema processor but if one was crafty enough to access that data at the right point, I think it might be able to be done, digitally. The DA10 used in house chips for decoding I believe, while the DA20 used Zoran chips. The key would probably be capturing the data signal before then. Not being a hardware engineer, I don't know the ins and outs of such things but again, in theory, it might be possible.

Shoot, even SDDS is some flavor of ATRAC, which was used in MiniDisc. Get the right brains on this, and anything is possible.
There is a Film Scanner that can decode Dolby AC3 from 35mm called Sondor Resonances. here is an article about it: https://dft-film.com/dft-installs-first-...ilmmuseum/

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