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[In progress] 

D+81 - Star Wars (1977) 1981 Theatrical Re-Release Reconstruction

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[Image: star-wars-d-81-project-logo-black.png]

Project Info
D+81 is a "theatrical in spirit" reconstruction of Star Wars (1977), based on the 1981 Theatrical Re-Release version. This version of the film is the first instance of the "Episode IV - A New Hope" subtitle being attached to the film, inspired by the choice of naming TESB "Episode V". Inspired by the D+/OTD reconstructions, this reconstruction uses the recent 4K transfer as its base and uses TN1's Project 4K77 to undo Special Edition changes.

Video: A combination of Star Wars: A New Hope UHD Blu-ray and TN1's Project 4K77 where needed. D+77 will be used as the color reference for this project.

Audio: TBA

Note: I am not affiliated with nor am I a member of the D+/OTD/TDE teams. I am just a fan of the work they have done with D+77, D+80, OTD83, and ROTJ: The Destiny Edition, and a bit of a completionist when it comes to collecting various cuts of a film. This project is meant to be a companion piece to those releases.

[Image: D-81-Preview-mp4-thumbs.jpg]
Status: WIP. Assembly in progress.
Are you just adding the title to the top or did you have to replace the whole shot/composite with a newer version? Either way, this is a great idea.
(2021-11-23, 01:27 AM)WDW203 Wrote: Are you just adding the title to the top or did you have to replace the whole shot/composite with a newer version? Either way, this is a great idea.

I lifted the opening crawl from the UHD and swapped out the original crawl with it. Thank you. I know the idea of most of the original trilogy reconstructions and restorations is to preserve the original unaltered versions as much as possible, but I figure it would be a nice bonus to have something like this floating around for those interested.

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