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Color Regrade Project Candidates?

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Hard Rain Blu Ray / DVD

[Image: rihTDcUl.png]
[Image: NL7nUGwl.png]

[Image: dgtMkPTl.png]
[Image: 6NSZlMll.png]

[Image: sqkMRSdl.png]
[Image: QGxDIUil.png]

[Image: eaJJtUil.png]
[Image: wwXt5K6l.png]
(2021-11-27, 07:07 PM)alleycat Wrote: Hard Rain Blu Ray / DVD

[Image: rihTDcUl.png]
[Image: NL7nUGwl.png]

Wow, this is a HUGE difference - and I like the DVD MUCH more!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Leon Blu Ray / LD

[Image: kFRZ00g.png]
[Image: YZ19THb.png]

[Image: w4J4z8l.png]
[Image: Ozk9x8I.png]

[Image: uhhjCqB.png]
[Image: Ns8zh3A.png]

[Image: 9CqFV3Z.png]
[Image: j1fs7ZD.png]

[Image: GqIA6Kx.png]
[Image: jLg1JJb.png]

[Image: hgaLaZ4.png]
[Image: Bchurqw.png]
Soldier Blu Ray / DVD

[Image: 1f7jcqL.png]
[Image: jaiba87.png]

[Image: m8CN7ZO.png]
[Image: 0Oavhzs.png]

[Image: wA97Feq.png]
[Image: IsVaExi.png]

[Image: KgIDUY9.png]
[Image: 7xBTzZd.png]

[Image: FBY06So.png]
[Image: 3gAEPz2.png]
Judgment Night Blu Ray / DVD

[Image: IOeRIbkl.png]
[Image: guJRjIVl.png]

[Image: YJ0pkCBl.png]
[Image: NT6uLLSl.png]

[Image: 37636ZRl.png]
[Image: KFiWXael.png]

[Image: IeNI3Sll.png]
[Image: wv10EFMl.png]

[Image: bWe5Xz1l.png]
[Image: SFbe7Btl.png]
Leviathan Blu Ray / DVD

[Image: fekGEtAl.png]
[Image: sF2hhY8l.png]

[Image: SPcAhqpl.png]
[Image: DGHSmoJl.png]

[Image: 31fHxDvl.png]
[Image: AHmF4mWl.png]

[Image: lf6OGAsl.png]
[Image: tMI2FHBl.png]

[Image: MAPHARgl.png]
[Image: 827sYuol.png]
Wild Things Blu Ray / DVD

[Image: mJUqfqbl.png]
[Image: lZqIJp1l.png]

[Image: XPYB6TIl.png]
[Image: 5Qk8IoVl.png]

[Image: 2gDFmYxl.png]
[Image: I8qgMKPl.png]

[Image: tM33lYAl.png]
[Image: nb80Ex5l.png]

[Image: Aj9ZqREl.png]
[Image: JDIJVyml.png]
Death Wish Blu Ray / DVD

[Image: vpCpNwel.png]
[Image: ZIrCnl3l.png]

[Image: vg3GuzWl.png]
[Image: GOLTiQJl.png]

[Image: B6Sx5Atl.png]
[Image: xCsv6IJl.png]

[Image: JgDCL2ml.png]
[Image: 0HKzZxel.png]

[Image: lJ2MjW0l.png]
[Image: b818uRQl.png]

[Image: MOKM2SGl.png]
[Image: WXLyfQIl.png]

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