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Color Regrade Project Candidates?

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Thought it might be useful to have a thread where people can list movies they know of that have had severe color changes on blu ray releases when compared to previous DVD/LD releases.

Could give inspiration to people looking to start a new project or new joiners looking for a way to contribute.
I know very little about the situation for this movie personally as I do not own any copies of this movie atm, but I've looked a bit into The Spookies and sort of noticed that on the newer Vinegar Syndrome 4K restoration, the movie looks exceptionally bright and neutrally timed with a lot of gelled lighting looking sickly pastel.

It sort of stuck out to me as I seem to vaguely recall seeing brief clips of the movies ages ago looking far more vivid and immediately I stumbled across videos of it being soaked in rich blues.

What's more, is that it seems this older release (not sure which one though) is sourced from some later-generation film element as is showcases reel marks. At the end of the clip below (at the 1:43 mark), you can see the cue in the top right corner.

So whilst I am not personally in a position to do such a regrade job myself, I'm sure some fan of the movie out there on the forum may be intrigued by the opportunity to do a regrade job to recreate the movie's original photochemical timing.
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
It's gonna need a lot more work than just a color grade fix, but I would LOVE to see someone take the Director's Cut of Rocky 4 and remove that heavily pushed blue tint the entire film has and make it look more like the theatrical in all its neutral color timing glory.
Another movie I just randomly remembered that could make for a regrade project would be Lucio Fulci's City Of The Living Dead.

Although the label is rather infamous, Dark Force Entertainment a while back put out a blu-ray that contains a 35mm print scan of the movie which sports a very dark-blue photochemical grade overall that is quite drastically different from the other existing blu-rays out on the market.

http://www.dvdexotica.com/2018/10/finall...d-dvd.html Wrote:
[Image: cotldc2f.png]
[Image: cotldc2h.png]
Dark Force
[Image: cotldc2g.png]

Though I personally would sooner wait until a UHD release is put together before attempting such a project (especially given the fact that Arrow seems to be on the trend of re-releasing their previous 4K restorations in UHD as of late), it'd certainly be an interesting endeavor either way to regrade one of the 4K-restored masters (not sure which would be more suitable; perhaps an auto-overlay of the two masters to get the maximum quality if sticking to the standard HD releases) to the print scan.
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
Nico aka Above The Law. Blu Ray/DVD

[Image: SkgduHGl.png]
[Image: uMX8ybFl.png]

[Image: sEjSvsQl.png]
[Image: bYnpAPnl.png]

[Image: x0QsEuAl.png]
[Image: GBDma7jl.png]

[Image: N5lkvBil.png]
[Image: wAEhDXal.png]
Deep Blue Sea. Blu Ray / DVD:

[Image: 1zLk9dnl.png]
[Image: g8eC3Dcl.png]

[Image: igAPOAWl.png]
[Image: zXQkKJ7l.png]

[Image: A4O2B42l.png]
[Image: 6Em2fz7l.png]
The Running Man. UHD/DVD

[Image: x3hdH4Yl.png]
[Image: J7PvzOXl.png]

[Image: au99QIjl.pngl]
[Image: trED1Kxl.pngl]

[Image: AcUq3XAl.pngl]
[Image: nbEnNVwl.pngl]

[Image: sFLYQVcl.pngl]
[Image: dAGRFi5l.pngl]
The Shadow Blu Ray / Laserdisc

[Image: czaNpril.png]
[Image: eIMwSKbl.png]

[Image: pdtAGZ1l.png]
[Image: wHp6Z3hl.png]

[Image: S8ywggDl.png]
[Image: zrKxgZHl.png]

[Image: l9XBmLdl.png]
[Image: Rtebhbvl.png]

[Image: CxsQA2Vl.png]
[Image: LMazEiIl.png]
Outland Blu Ray / LD

[Image: qE0Gcapl.png]
[Image: bhFoDuOl.png]

[Image: BLxJBRHl.png]
[Image: qzj4hlcl.png]

[Image: dBSm7Orl.png]
[Image: AYew1Gcl.png]

[Image: rQt3YY7l.png]
[Image: 7gyHfFwl.png]

[Image: 6FEIZcRl.png]
[Image: J0FLYWPl.png]
Eraser Blu / DVD

[Image: 2oePLhVl.png]
[Image: L9sanYGl.png]

[Image: 8bMWmlAl.png]
[Image: A5Efe6fl.png]

[Image: TtD2LpTl.png]
[Image: Nf9g9yyl.png]

[Image: fjJCrTZl.png]
[Image: iBxlPXjl.png]

[Image: Unj5roKl.png]
[Image: yeGSOpXl.png]

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