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[Released] War Of The Worlds (2005) Cinema DTS to UHD [Patched]
[Image: 487?cb=20160222184555]

The UHD synced Cinema DTS 5.1 audio for War Of The Worlds (2005) is now available. Participating members drop me a PM.

This is my own rip and sync. The raw files were converted using the foobar2000 APT-X100 plugin. The surround channels have been attenuated by -3Db and the LFE channel boosted +6Db which should be the correct theatrical level.

The track is a DTS-HD MA file. If muxing into an MKV you should apply a -21ms offset to compensate for the additional silence added by the encoder. I haven't baked this adjustment into the track as some authoring programs adjust for it automatically.

Why patched? Well, as it turns out, there is an additional shot and line of dialogue in the home video release that was not present in the theatrical version. At around 1:08:00 a soldier on the radio says "Roger. No effect.". Then we get the addition; a cutaway to another soldier yelling "Our mission, Lieutenant, is to delay their advance till those refugees get to safety. Now, keep firing!". It's a bit lame and forced and I think the theatrical works better without it but what's one more flaw in an already flawed movie? Anyway, I patched that part with the BD 5.1 level-matched which is very close to the Cinema DTS and the result is seamless to my ears.

It also seems that a very brief shot was removed from the home video version. At around 1:08:15 there is an additional couple of seconds of soldier radio chatter on the Cinema DTS track suggesting that something was snipped here. Possibly just something that screwed up continuity with the added shot above. Obviously I've cut it from the track to retain sync with the UHD.
If anybody has any of these Cinema DTS tracks please let me know as I'd be happy to sync them to their respective BD/UHD releases.
Thanks given by: Hitcher , SHM , PDB , BDgeek
Nice, they screwed the mix on the UHD
Thanks given by:

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