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Greetings, nerds

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I'm an amateur(very very amateur, only 4tb of space) archivist and seeing the effort put into restoring originals here has been fun to watch. I'm a lurker, only just recently got an account. Nice to meet you all.
Welcome, "amateur lurker"! Big Grin
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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It's okay, I have only about ~500 gb of space! (out of 2TB)
[Image: 1fmfp5.png]
Get on my level
(2021-12-05, 09:05 PM)stwd4nder2 Wrote: [Image: 1fmfp5.png]
Get on my level

This is what envy feels like. 

I've got 4 more TB coming in the mail but then I'm tapped out on my budget :^(
Hey, sokay... how's that Ubuntu install going? It's your favorite not-an-ornithologist.

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