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BD Authoring
Was wondering if anyone can assist me with the man of steel BD50 I'm making. This as you guys know is all new to me in the area of making custom bds and color grading.

I have my BD50 complete with my color graded video and stock menu. Trailer was replaces with a after effect intro i made and the warner bro intro was replaced with my hdvinnie intro. Also applied the color grade to the interactive menu preroll clip. The BD works and plays. Issue is I'm not sure how I can add all the other subs and ac-3 audios i have. Im guess i need to then rebuild the bd and playlist? Im on a mac so this is a disavantange when it comes to bluray authoring.

Any help would be appreciated
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What tracks do you want to add? Wouldn't you need to remake the menus to compensate for them anyway?
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(2015-06-19, 07:49 PM)Feallan Wrote: What tracks do you want to add? Wouldn't you need to remake the menus to compensate for them anyway?

i want to add the sups and some of the ac3 audio tracks from the cee and usa BD releases. right now i have it built off the ita release. Im just wondering if there is any mac software to rebuild the BD? Or I at a loss. right now I'm in the process of building a encoding PC but it will be a bit before its done.
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Check out multiAVCHD. It's long out of development, but you can add and subtract audio/subtitle streams from titles and it can output the full disc with just those changes.

Of course you run into the problem of audio and subtitle selection menus not being changed, but since that's usually in the BD-Java, you're probably screwed there anyway.
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